edited by Carol Hightshoe
Bildungsroman - Faith Welch

Eighteenth birthdays are seriously special in Clearwilde. Each teenager, born with one unique ability,
must face a unicorn who  also  has a gift. Only one will survive. Fortunately Krystal Drabek was born
with every special ability. Unfortunately, so was her unicorn.

Bulut - Josie Gowler

A defeated General on her way to exile considers her next move.

Chill of the Witch - Brittany Henneberry

Something terrifying is in the graveyard, and Myra has to dig it up.

Chrysalis - E.M. Sole

A girl going through a hard time in her life finds comfort in a mystery.

The Hand-Havers - Mary E Lowd

At the tender age of one-hand, Delundia falls for a wise old six-handed bachelor.

Safeguarding the Future - Annie Percik

Hired as a companion to a queen, Kavisha soon finds she will also be expected to help safeguard the
future when the Queen asks her to betray the kingdom.

The Sleeping Prince - Matthew Wilson

A quest to awaken a sleeping prince cursed by a witch finds a demon and a sorceress encountering
more than they bargained for.

Stories Beneath the Skylight - Maria Haskins

A Noble End - Rob Francis

A duel to answer a point of honour goes unexpectedly well for young Kriam, but all is not as it seems...

Beneath the Faerie Tree - Hillary Hunter

Unusual circumstances bring Mara into this world as the Johnson's daughter, and it takes three
unconventional conditions to break her free from their hold. Beneath the Fearie Tree is the story of her
trials to become who she was truly born to be.

Blue Jean - Henry Peter Gribbin

A Rebel With A Cause.

Full Fathom Five - Judith Field

A beach in winter, a fisherman. Two elderly people from different worlds.

In the Grotto - Elise Forier Edie

After a thunderstorm, Marie finds an injured mermaid on the beach. But it's the Fourth of July weekend,
the local Science Center is closed and tourists are everywhere. Can she keep the mermaid alive and safe
until real help arrives?

The Monastery - David W. Landrum

A warrior and a sorceress seek to stop and evil monk and the curse he has brought. But it not
strength of arms or power that will prove to be their greatest asset.

The Moot - Madeleine O’Rourke

In a city that literally walks above a forbidding wasteland, Theresa, a young mage, has her hands full.
With her fellow druids bringing a criminal of their number to trial, she must convince them to get out of
the past and start following civilized law.

The Slavemaster's Penance - Eric Lewis

Two fugitives cross ocean and desert to assassinate the heir to a notorious slave mine. But do they
really know the whole story?

The Weeping Willow - J. Van Allan

Laying there under the mysterious willow tree, she longed for a simpler time.  She had no inkling how
powerful and devastating a mere thought could be.
A Complex Relationship - Darrel Duckworth

Entering a new relationship always means dealing with new complexities. What might that mean when
the new relationship is with a genie?

Bilious and the Green Brigade - Rebecca McFarland-Kyle

Warning: Babysitting on St Patick's Day could be hazardous to your mental health.

Bone-Box Rattling - Patrick Doerksen

When the bone box rattles, she said, you must keep your eyes open. There will be a message soon.

Brown and the House of Horrors - JA Campbell

They have a ghost problem, and Brown is the dog for the job.

Clipped - J.G. Formato

A siren falls in love with a mortal, abandoning the volatile sea to join him on land.  But will she ever be
able to conquer her destructive nature and leave the past behind?

Cyrethea - Sarah M. Lewis

Two helpless women, stepmother and stepdaughter, a fire place full of ashes and a murderous gang
controlling all justice in the area. Will a widow’s wit, a chance meeting, and a beautiful girl reborn from
ashes and tatters bring the evil doers to justice?

Disrupted - Morgan Beale

In the old and hidebound city of Sylvas Anna, there are few opportunities for the young. A chance
encounter opens new possibilities for Alfa, but at what cost?

Finder's Right - Margaret L. Carter

A sorceress hires Lorita to fetch an exotic egg. But when the creature inside hatches, Lorita finds that
giving it up will be harder than she expected.

For Couples Only - Deby Fredericks

It was the perfect house, until their big fight.

Ice Fairy - Francis W. Alexander


The Palace of the Wizard's Guild - Amy Bisson

Twin thieves find a huge surprise when they break into the wrong palace.

The Taxidermist's Riddle - Olga Godim

After Vasilisa's father, the best taxidermist in town, died, her one hope of staying free is solving her
father's rhyming riddle. Unfortunately, the old man had never been a good poet.

Wind Rider - Barbara Davies

When Riel's nephew insists on bringing an unusual passenger aboard the Wind Rider, what should have
been an uneventful flight to Minton soon proves to be anything but.