Written by Henry Peter Gribbin / Artwork by Holly Eddy
Blue Jean

My name is Maureen. I have been a private investigator for over 30 years. I have my own firm with over 100
employees. We usually deal with the mundane, such as cheating spouses and industrial espionage. I do have a
special division which only two others know about. We deal with what I call my special clientele, namely vampires. I
have dealt with these beings for the past ten years. I know some of their secrets, but I owe my existence to not
delving too far into their world. My main contact with this group is a man, no, a vampire, by the name of Vincent.
From what I understand he is a wealthy and a very powerful vampire. When the vampire world and the human
world interact he is their official agent. We have had a few business dealings in the past, and I have made a ton of
money. But the less I have to deal with him the better. He has called me, and I am to meet with him at his mansion
this evening.

Anyway, I met with Vincent and agreed to take the case. It seemed at the time a simple one. But first a little history
lesson is in order. Every two hundred years or so an event of historical consequence takes place in the vampire
world. A vampire child is born. Normally vampires cannot reproduce, but when the moons align or some such thing
(like I said the less I know the better) a vampire child is born. A female vampire, the Chosen One, is paired with a
male vampire, and as I understand it, one of her choosing. A child is born and will quickly grow to become the
leader of all the vampires. Vampires are not immortal. Their lifespan is around two hundred years or more, so this
ritual is very important to them. The current chosen one is a vampire who was recently changed. She was in her
early twenties when she died. She was a rebel as a human, and evidently she still is. When told she was the Chosen
One she just laughed. She has a boyfriend, a human boyfriend, by the name of Mason. Mason is the son of a
powerful United States senator, so he could not just simply disappear. The problem of convincing Blue Jean to fulfill
her destiny suddenly became my problem. I really didn’t want this case, but one didn’t say no to Vincent.

Like I said I more or less split my firm into two separate entities. The one concerning itself with vampires had me
and two investigators. They are both vampires themselves. Itch is a female of about 100 years of age, and her
partner, her boyfriend, is named Shock. I do not know how old he is. We discussed the case and put a plan in
motion. First we had to find them. Blue Jean was smart. We could find no trace of her, but Mason wasn’t as smart.
We tracked his credit card activity to Houston. We found where they were living, and we paid them a visit.

We didn’t want to scare them. We only wanted to convince Blue Jean to come back with us. We tried to explain this
to them from behind a locked door. We bantered back and forth for some time. It became too quiet on the other
side of the door. We broke it down. We found the bodies in the bathroom. It was a suicide pact. We took care of
the bodies.

The next day I had a meeting with Vincent. It did not go very well. He thought in some way it was my firm’s fault
Blue Jean could not fulfill her destiny. He said we had two days to make things right. I did not ask him to explain
what would happen if me and my team failed.

I quickly saw Vincent meant what he said. Vampires control a vast amount of wealth. They own stocks, bonds and
properties all over the world. Vincent and his pals decided a selloff in the financial markets was called for. The stock
market plunged. There was panic all over the world. The pundits could not explain what was happening.

Itch, Shock and myself had a meeting. We had to think of something fast. We set to work looking over old
manuscripts Vincent had supplied us with. It was Itch who made the discovery. In every case of the Chosen One
each woman had a twin brother. It would have been nice if Vincent had supplied this fact in the first place, but
Vincent wasn’t the most talkative of people, I mean vampires. I had another meeting with Vincent. This time Itch
and Shock came to the meeting with me. I let them explain to Vincent that our plan was to approach Blue Jean’s
brother, explain the situation and then turn him. Blue Jean’s brother’s name was Denny. Vincent seemed hesitant,
but what choice did he have. He gave his okay.

We found Denny. It took a lot of convincing on our part to get him to understand what was expected of him. He
finally agreed, on one condition, namely that his girlfriend was changed also and became his partner. I got the okay
from Vincent on the phone. The girlfriend’s name was Sally. It took a lot more convincing to get her to go along,
but we finally succeeded.

To make a long story short the couple produced a child. It was a girl. They named her Blue Jean. She grew quickly
and soon became head of all the vampires. Vincent was happy. The world markets quickly returned to normal.
There was one last thing. A couple of days after all this happened and things were getting back to normal, a man
from the government came to my office. He said that he and his cronies were happy with my work. I had no idea
the government knew of the existence of vampires, but thinking back I wasn’t totally surprised. He did leave a
briefcase of money when he left my office. This pleased me.
Henry Peter Grinnin has been published in Flashes in the Dark, Digital Dragon
and 365 Tomorrows. These were all flash fiction pieces.