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Welcome to the Jan - Mar '17 Issue of The Lorelei Signal.
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Berserker - Sara Codair

There is a fine line between villain and vigilante, but it's a tough tightrope to walk
when your powers come from a vengeful goddess.
Beth and the Arm - Douglas Kolacki

Doctor Frankenstein has her brother's arm. She wants it back.
Daughter of the Righ - Anne Marie Lutz

In a world where Collared Lords have unimaginable power in their own lands,
Hira Noh must escape an unwanted betrothal to the lord who killed her best friend.
Familiarly Speaking - Margaret L Carter

What happens when an apprentice witch's familiar-seeking spell goes wonky?

Magic-working novice Tami learns a lesson in accepting something very different
from what she'd hoped for.
Maribel Livingstone Incorporated, a Herald's Commercial
                                                                     - Robert William Shmigelsky

Flash Fiction
The Savage Year - Fraser Sherman

The Secret Service has a long an proud tradition of protecting the President of the
United States.

Artemis (don't call her Artie) West is a young lady who works for the Secret
Service and like previous members of her family she does more than just protect
the President--Artemis West is a mage.
The App of Solomon - Phillip A. Myers

Strange things are happening at Tacey Bridgton’s workplace, things best left
secret. But this quiet young girl has her own secret or two; what’s one more?
The Little Pub in the Woods - Henry Peter Gribbin

A young woman's journey into danger and the return trip back.
The Princess and the Reality Check - Andrew Jensen

Can a fairy-tale writer live happily-ever-after in the 21st century?
The Sacrifice - Jim Kyle

They were cuddly, they were cute, but for the plotters, were cosmically
Wandering Eye - Susan Taitel

Haggling with magic men is risky, especially if you want to keep all your fingers,
but when the fate of the world is at stake, you do what you must.