Written by Francis W. Alexander / Artwork by Holly Eddy
Ice Fairy
One very cold day  
I spotted a fairy crying in the forest.
Its wings were spread amongst the trees like glitter.
Its bawling was the sound of chimes.
Icicles hung from her eyelids
and a beard of ice formed under its nose.
Her exhaled breath formed small clouds.

Flapping her wings,
the sound of crinkled icicles,   
she flew towards me,
A chilled wind smacked my face.    
She changed direction and flew off,   
her fluttering, the sound of a whispering wind.   
Francis Wesley Alexander is prolifically writing, and enjoying his two
newborn kittens. His poems have been published or are forthcoming
Disturbed, Star*Line, Prune Juice, Scifaikuest, Illumen, Martian
Wave, Trysts of Fate
, and numerous other publications.