Written by Robert William Shmigelsky / Artwork by Holly Eddy
Maribel Livingstone Incorporated,
a Herald's Commercial

“Need a helping hand? Or just a man?
Not enough bodies you also call your sons?
Just unwilling—though you call it just being unable—
Paying decent wages, you the upstart young lady?

Then do yourself favor
Buy a golem
From your local sculptress:   
Your source for quality
Woman-made automatons.

Don't hesitant.
Contact the mason for your golem construction today


Reliable, affordable
Capable of performing any menial task, man's job
[cough, clears throat] For all your womanly wants and needs…”

Finished addressing the crowd, the herald lowers his tablet to read the following disclaimer.

“Manufacturer or third parties not liable
For unintended destruction of property
At hands of malfunctioning automatons.
All models incantation inspector approved.”

Robert Shmigelsky runs over in his mind all things fantasy. Some of it
squeaks out as short poetry. And onto his Facebook account.
His first novel, the Gathering of the Gifts (Wolfsinger Publications), is
coming out…eventually.