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After having Ecostamps as an option for submitting for a couple of submission periods, I have decided not to
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Most writers are using the normal email address and I find, since I am the only person handling submissions
for both Lorelei and Sorcerous, as well as having a full time job, being the only person handling WolfSinger
Publications and trying to work on my own writing and have a bit of a life with my family - it is hard to
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MAY 2008

Starting with the January 2009 issue of The Lorelei Signal and the February 2009 issue of Sorcerous Signals
we will be concurrently publishing a combined print issue of the magazines. Each issue of Mystic Signals will
contain all of the stories and illustrations from that quarter's online version of The Lorelei Signal and
Sorcerous Signals plus an extra story from each issue that will not appear online as well as original cover art
from one of our great artists.

Each issue of Mystic Signals will be between 150 and 200 pages and will be released on the following

January 15th - Jan/Feb/Mar (The Lorelei Signal) and Feb/Mar/Apr (Sorcerous Signals)

April 15th - Apr/May/Jun (The Lorelei Signal) and May/Jun/Jul (Sorcerous Signals)

July 15th - Jul/Aug/Sep (The Lorelei Signal) and Aug/Sep/Oct (Sorcerous Signals)

Oct 15th - Oct/Nov/Dec (The Lorelei Signal) and Nov/Dec/Jan (Sorcerous Signals)

Price will be $12.00  + shipping.
Ordering links will appear on the main page of each issue as soon as the print issue is ready.

I have shut down our 'brother' publication "Sorcerous Signals". It was becoming too much to try and manage
two e-zines as well as WolfSinger Publications, a full-time job and my own writing. As a result this also means
that Mystic Signals is no longer being published either.

I am considering a print version of "The Lorelei Signal" as a companion to the e-zine, but have not made the
decision yet - if I do look for the first print issue in 2017.

Thank you for supporting "The Lorelei Signal"